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Beckenham Fliers needs your help

We are writing to ask for your help. As we hope you realise, Beckenham Fliers is run by an idiotic group of volunteers who all work full-time and also give up some of their “free” time to allow the children to derive the benefits of taking part in this sport. It's not that we are saintly – we all enjoy it.

As you may have noticed, the club is growing. A number of children have now joined the club sessions from courses and outside. All of which creates a problem for the club. We are a “competitive club”, which means that we train our kids to take part in regional and national competitions: last weekend 16 of our kids took part in the regional semi-finals of their grading events and all performed to a very high standard. The problem is we have to provide suitably trained and qualified officials for each competition otherwise the kids cannot take part, and that is proving more difficult: as we enter more kids to the competitions we have to provide more officials, and we are running low on numbers.

Although a number of the current trampolinists do take part in both coaching and judging, it is difficult for them to mix a couple of hours of coaching followed immediately by adequate intensity of training, or to judge at an event where they will be competing themselves later, so if we are to give our kids a chance to train and compete properly we really need most of the input to come from the parents.

Officials are categorised as “qualified” or “unqualified”. “Unqualified” officials comprise the marshals who organise the kids to get on to the beds in the right order at competitions and manual recorderswho sit up on the panel with the judges and act as a backup for the computer systems to ensure the judges' scores are recorded correctly. “Qualified” officials are computer (swescore) operators who run the computer system which records the scores and calculates the placing of the competitors and judges who sit on the panels and evaluate how well each competitor has performed. (Evaluating the scores sounds difficult, but all we do is apply pre-set rules to each performance.) Each club that enters a competition has to provide a minimum number of officials for a given number of competitors, some of whom must be qualified and some may be unqualified. There is another requirement, and that is to have enough people to train the kids. Oddly enough you don't need to be a current or ex-trampolinist to be able to teach trampolining you just need a passion to want to learn: once you start helping with coaching you find you can contribute quite a bit without having the ability to show what you want from them.

We are asking you give up a bit of your free time to help both your own and others' kids? Everything in trampolining is very well set up and staggered, so you have coaches teaching easier moves and judges judging easier moves before they have to move up and deal with the higher levels: “in at the deep end” doesn't work well and we don't do it.

If you are prepared to help the club and join in, please contact us on the button below

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